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LUIS AND THE ALIENS – In Cinemas TODAY – From The Iron Giant to Monsters Vs Aliens – Top 5 Animated Alien Films

24 August 2018

No-one believed Luis’s dad when he said he’d been attacked by an alien. And growing up with an obsessed Ufologist for a father hasn’t been easy for 12-year-old Luis, either.

But then three crazy aliens crash their ship right in front of Luis, and finally he’s got the proof his dad needs to show the world he’s not crazy. The problem is, if Luis tells his dad, he’ll blast the aliens with his homemade ‘shockfrost’ gun – but if he doesn’t, Luis risks being sent away to boarding school.

Can Luis save the day? Perhaps three wacky aliens and a little bit of space could be just the thing to bring everyone closer together…

“Do aliens exist?” is a question that has been debated endlessly over the course of history – and in the movies! Some of the best portrayals of alien invasions are in kids’ animations. Here are five of the best...



Luis And The Aliens
When these aliens land, invasion is the last thing on their minds – the three aliens who make friends with a lonely boy called Luis are cuddly types who only want to get their feelers on a special ‘Nubbi Dubbi’ massage mat they’ve seen advertised on a satellite shopping channel. Mog, Nag, and Wabo are lovable, clumsy little aliens who couldn’t obliterate humans if they tried, and their adorable antics will leave you wishing you had alien friends, too.



The Iron Giant
Brad Bird’s directorial debut The Iron Giant was released in 1991 and hailed as an “instant classic” by the Wall Street Journal. The animated film tells the tale of a lovable 50-foot giant who falls from the sky landing in the small town of Rockwell, Maine. Befriended by a young boy named Hogarth, the unlikely friends must work together to avoid the intrusive investigations of government agent Kent Mansley and the American military, while also saving the town from their own fears and prejudices.



Home features a cute, huggable alien you can’t help but fall in love with. Oh is a Boov, an alien searching for a new home along with the rest of his species. When they land on Earth, the Boov stage a friendly takeover, kicking humans out of their houses to move in themselves – but Oh really is friendly, and ends up teaming up with a little girl who’s been separated from her mum, ultimately bringing everyone back together. Awww.



Space Jam
Combining live action with animation proved a winning strategy, because Space Jam is the highest-grossing basketball film ever made. Michael Jordan stars alongside Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes gang as they face off against the evil sports-loving Nerdlucks. The aliens are looking to add new attractions to their Moron Mountain amusement park, but hadn’t factored in the Looney Tunes’ celebrity friends...



Monsters Vs Aliens
In this playful animation, aliens are pitted against another of society’s most feared creatures: monsters. Here, the aliens are the baddies, while the monsters protect the humans caught in the crossfire. The epic, action-packed battle between the two opposing sides takes an interesting spin on the classic alien vs human narrative. Plus the story promotes a positive message of teamwork and determination, proving that good always triumphs over evil in the end.

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