Learn How To Promote Yourself in SHOW BUSINESS: Personal Branding Strategies with Alida Pantone of Pro Actors London

18 March 2017

Learn how to promote yourself and be competitive in the "SHOW" "BUSINESS"

Social Media are more and more playing an important role in self promotion and big brands knows it and use it. You can do the same. Learn the best, free, tactics to boost you career.

This Tuesday March 21 at 4pm, Alida Pantone of Pro Actors London discusses the topic of Facebook Live and how to make quality videos (and self tapes). She'll  use it properly to show you at your best!

It's not difficult to make it right, but apparently so easy to make it wrong!!! We will examine all the "NO-NOs" and practice the "how to".

90 minutes of Social Media and PR free tactics to boost your brand as a professional.


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