Independent Feature Film DRAGONFLIES ONLY LIVE FOR 24 HOURS From Filmmaker Richard Anthony Dunford Premieres at BAFTA195 | The Fan Carpet

Independent Feature Film DRAGONFLIES ONLY LIVE FOR 24 HOURS From Filmmaker Richard Anthony Dunford Premieres at BAFTA195

22 November 2018

Despite cinema screens worldwide being dominated by multimillion pound budget films, with huge studio backings, it has become increasingly more difficult for low budget independent filmmakers to see their creative endeavours come to fruition.

It’s fantastic to see prestigious establishments, such as BAFTA, giving opportunities to grass roots filmmakers to have their work shown, by making their venues more accessible to rising filmmakers serving as a shining beacon of hope and encouragement worldwide.

BAFTA is committed to supporting, developing and promoting the art of moving image, nurturing talented individuals by giving them every opportunity to succeed. None more so than allowing the upcoming world premiere of no budget, British crime drama “DRAGONFLIES ONLY LIVE FOR 24 HOURS” to be held in it’s prestigious Princess Anne Theatre.



DRAGONFLIES” was written and directed by Worthing born Richard Anthony Dunford, who self funded the project. Richard’s previous short film work has to date won 26 awards and been selected to screen at over 100 film festivals internationally, including Oscar and BAFTA qualifying festivals.

Filmed mostly in South England around the picturesque backdrop of Richard’s local rural seaside towns (Worthing and Brighton), this no budget crime drama was shot with a skeleton crew of talented professionals, alongside a host of emerging acting talent. Much needed support was offered by numerous local business and councils, who without their generous contributions, this film wouldn't have been possible.



DRAGONFLIES ONLY LIVE FOR 24 HOURS” is an engrossing police drama, which follows two ambitious detectives as they stakeout a potential drug ring. The story jumps between the present day stakeout and past flashbacks of circumstances which lead to them quickly rising through the ranks, including an investigation into a suspected gang related murder with racial connotations. The film asks challenging questions, while exploring the complicated relationship between crime and corruption.

Stars of “DRAGONFLIES” Karl Kennedy-Williams (Rise of the Footsoldier 3: The Pat Tate Story), Judson Vaughan (Glamour Dolls), Faith Elizabeth (13 Graves), Harriet Madeley (Doctors), Paul Coster (The Afterglow) and Bhasker Patel (Emmerdale) are excited to attend the world premiere at the prestigious BAFTA195 Princess Anne Cinema on 30th November, with many other cast, crew and special guests in attendance.

The film will begin its international film festival run following its world premiere, expecting to screen at various locations globally.

To follow DRAGONFLIES ONLY LIVE FOR 24 HOURS journey go to Facebook, Twitter and the Official Website.

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