Wonder Women: Imperator Furiosa, Sarah Connor, Ripley, Leia Organa, Nyota Uhura and Ava: Top 6 Strong Female Leads in Movies | The Fan Carpet

Wonder Women: Imperator Furiosa, Sarah Connor, Ripley, Leia Organa, Nyota Uhura and Ava: Top 6 Strong Female Leads in Movies

04 September 2018

The Wonder Woman movie finally made its loud screen debut, and we are breathing sighs of relief to watch a strong female lead in a superhero movie at long last. And while Diana is entirely satisfied with herself having kicked butts at the box office, we are pretty much inspired to remember all those powerful cinematic ladies who have blown the movie industry before her.

These badass women might not be able to stop bullets in midair just like Wonder Woman used to, still, their manifestation of unique strength keeps inspiring, and thrilling audiences just the same. Take a peek inside the list of these wonderful strong female leads in movie industry, compiled by the writing crew of “How to deal with emotionally unavailable women.”



• Imperator Furiosa

Movie: Mad Max: Fury Road

This one-armed, truck-driving pretty is a true rebel with a noble cause. The woman’s plan to outwit the vicious Immortan Joe and free all those he has enslaved is actually beyond admirable, but it’s definitely the determination of hers to eventually succeed despite overwhelming enemies and heartbreaking setbacks that really makes Furiosa a hero.



• Sarah Connor

Movie: The Terminator

While each and every of Sarah Connor’s incarnations is absolutely incredible, her role in Terminator Part 2 surely takes the cake. And there’s no denial to that – equal parts cunning, resilient, smart, and motherly, Sarah makes sure her beloved son survives to finally fulfill his destiny. Linda Hamilton’s splendid blend of both emotional investment and obviously military-level skills makes Sarah Connor a female legend.



• Ripley

Movie: Alien

Dallas might be the commanding officer of Nostromo, however, when things get ugly and a xenomorph starts picking off the crew, it is always the practical-yet- inventive Ripley proving to be MVP. The only one to successfully fight off the horrifying creature, Ripley never loses sight of the need to stop the monster from getting to Earth — and she never forgets to evacuate the cat, Jonesy, making her escape. Even when everything seems just hopeless, the woman does not lose her cool always finding a way to outwit the extraterrestrial threat.



• Leia Organa

Movie: Star Wars

Poised diplomat, beloved princess, and outstanding strategist, General Leia Organa makes the brains, the heart, and the powerful body of the Rebel Alliance. It is exactly from the woman’s first on-screen moments, where Leia refuses to waver before Darth Vader, to General Organa’s stoic acceptance of Han’s fate, she is the epitome of strength and class. There will never be another female character like her — whether in this galaxy or the one far far away.



• Nyota Uhura

Movie: Star Trek

Zoë Saldana did a damn fine job with the role, still, it is Nichelle Nichols who made Nyota a female icon and a role model. A strong and constant presence of calm among the frenetic action, Uhura is seen wearing multiple hats, from the one of a communications officer, to another of transporter technician when it comes to organizing a rescue mission to save Spock, and a field agent tracking down nuclear warheads in San Francisco. As we can see, she always does whatever it takes and looks exceptionally poised while doing it.



• Ava

Movie: Ex Machina

We are actually supposed to be on the side of humans here, but Ava is undeniably a different case. Created specifically for male pleasure, Ava’s ultimate outwitting and groundbreaking triumph over her captors, while enough brutal, is simply incredibly satisfying.

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