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Hollywood lose landmark Australian copyright case

04 February 2010

Hollywood film studios' attempts to tackle internet piracy was dealt a blow at a landmark copyright court case in Australia.

Internet provider iiNet was accused by several of Hollywood's biggest studios - incuding Universal, 20th Century Fox, Disney and Warner Bros - of breaching copyright by storing illegally downloaded movies on their site.

However, the judge at Australia's Federal Court ruled that iiNet merely provided "an internet service to its users" - adding that it would have been impossible to hold the site responsible for illegal films being uploaded on iiNet.

Managing director of iiNet, Michael Malone, said, "We would like to engage with all the movie studios and the other rights holders, and see if we can find a way to get this stuff legitimately online."

The ruling is a blow to Hollywood studios, who are desperate to tackle illegal downloads on the internet.

Last year, a near finished copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine was leaked onto the internet weeks before the film's release.

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