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From SPIDER-MAN to DEADPOOL to AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR: Exploring the Popularity of Shared Cinematic Universes

19 June 2018

Some movies today seem to be falling in the line of a saga when it comes to the holistic cinematic experience. If you are a fan of Marvel or DC movies, then you know what we are talking about. You must have seen the different superheroes created by Marvel fighting together in movies like Deadpool.

All the characters and their surrounding seemed to bear continuity and shared in the movies it produces. The phenomenon is called the shared cinematic universe, and we have seen it being made into movie plots time and again. In the books, the superheroes may have their own sovereignty, and we also have movies of different superheroes such as Spider-Man and Captain America. The Marvel Avengers: Infinity War has been one of the biggest movie grossers of the year, and for a good reason.

A Look at How Marvel is Doing It
The thing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that it really is expansive, and the number of characters is almost endless to fit in- Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Panther and Captain Marvel. The trend can be spotted in many production houses where they make an intentional effort to provide continuity of the environment in different movies.

If you dig a bit deeper, you will see the trend is not a recent one. Even if you go back to the black and white movies, you can see Godzilla and King Kong fighting in several movies which shared the cinematic universe. The two characters were had a separate existence, but they went through crossovers many times during the early sixties. But what can be the reason behind such efforts that the filmmakers put in?

Of course, it attracts more audience and creates excitement among the fans. They can see all their favourite characters of superheroes coming together to make an exciting watch. The shared cinematic universe enhances the plot and makes it more interesting for the moviegoers. Maybe that’s why we see millions of dollars being spent on movies which involve a shared environment or crossovers.



Why is a Cinematic Universe What We Need?
It has also been seen that the movies sharing cinematic universe have always been a success at the box office. Apart from the movie Green Lantern, all movies especially Marvel ones have raked in huge profits. The cinematic universes don’t always follow the route taken in books. They provide a great chance to include new plots, twists and enrich the whole movie goers experience.

What Can You Expect as a Marvel or DC Fan?
The trend is here to stay is what we can say. From 2010 many studios such as Universal, Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures have been adding continuity to the projects they created. Gradually we have come to the point that the cinematic universes have become so immersive and expansive.

We can surely say the shared cinematic universe is a great development in the field of filmmaking and gives a completely new take with different characters from different books coming together to interact.

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