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From 6 BALLOONS to BENJI to MUDBOUND to WILD WILD COUNTRY: Top Netflix Movies Of 2018 You Shouldn’t Miss Watching

03 July 2018

Done with watching Black Mirror, 13 Reasons Why Season 2 and Stranger Things? Now what? Well, Netflix isn't just about series having different seasons, but movies too. There are 100 movies in Netflix if your unearth them.

These movies not much hyped due to the difference in languages. However, they are worth watching. As we are in mid-2018, Netflix has many movies released or yet to be released across different languages. One of the recent was Mudbound, which received a ton of buzz at the Academy Awards. There are many more such underrated movies produced by Netflix. What! don't you have Netflix subscription?

Well, then it’s time to get it using promo codes from By Discount Codes and binge watch the latest flicks. So get into the comfort of your bed, grab the popcorn and watch these below-listed movies...



6 Balloons
This is one of the underrated indie films by Netflix starring Dave Franco who plays a struggling heroin addict and a new father with having a caring sister who helps to detox from the addiction. This drama movie is worth spending time with and the acting of actors keeps the viewers glued to the seat.



First Match
A teenage girl who wants to connect with former state wrestling champion who was her ex-con father joins wrestling male team of the school. Direct by Olivia Newman, a new director is able to do justice with the characters and story. Elvire Emanuelle, playing a protagonist and Jharrel Jerome are the absolute highlight of the movie and will bind you with their acting skills.



Coming from the home of Netflix original, this movie is about 1974 classic fluffy canine that comes to the rescue of his human who falls into trouble. It’s a long classic tale having fresh take over it and present some adorable moments.



The Ritual
Set in the Scandinavian wilderness, The Ritual focuses on the group of men who meet up for a hike after losing one of their close friends. However, the story turns into chilling sequences when they get lost into woods full of evil and secrets.



Happy Anniversary
This offbeat indie drama is about couples played by Ben Schwartz and Noël Wells, as Jean-Ralphio who look back on their relationship while they celebrate third year anniversary. It is quite an emotional drama that makes it worth watching.



This original movie on Netflix is a period drama directed by Dee Rees and features a cast of Carey Mulligan to Mary J Blige. It is a bittersweet story of racial tensions and family bonding in post-World War II America. It was nominated for four Oscars.



Wild Wild Country
This Netflix original documentary series takes you inside the world of famous spiritual leader Osho- Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his followers in Oregon. It gives an immense drama that happened throughout his journey which is quite thrilling and an eye-opener.

So which movie you are going to watch?

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