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Debut Trailer and Photo Set for Craig Teal’s The Unseen World: The Crown of Thorns unveiled by Composite Studios

18 June 2016

The Fan Carpet are delighted to unveil the debut Trailer and photo set for Craig Teal’s The Crown of Thorns the opening chapter to Composite Studios’ The Unseen World.

When Sophie encounters the mysterious Man in Grey, her life changes in ways she could never have imagined.
Now in possession of an ancient crown, Sophie is drawn deeper into the Unseen World.

And she is being hunted.

The Crown of Thorns is the opening chapter of a wider project, The Unseen World, which will follow Sophie's journey and explore the mythos of this intricate and bizarre slice of Urban Horror.

The Unseen World is the debut of director Craig Teal, whose unique vision will bring these fully immersive and interconnecting stories together in an unforgettable experience.



Creator/ Director Craig Teal said “When I first set out to adapt my short story into a short film I found myself creating a much more intricate and detailed tale than the original and realised that Sophie’s journey wouldn’t end with her claiming the crown.

It quickly became apparent that in order to do this I would need to greatly expand the setting for the film and I soon found myself developing a whole world for Sophie’s story.

After a couple of early drafts I shared the current draft with my film making friend Matt Taabu. After some in depth discussion and reflecting on the project I decided that a serial format would clearly allow me to better tell Sophie's story.

In creating The Unseen World I have developed an intricate web of interlinking stories and characters that will build in the mythos of the setting and help build up momentum for the planned feature stories set in the world.
My intention is to create a setting for not only my own stories and films, but also for other writers, musicians and film makers to create their own stories in the Unseen World.

In line with this plan, we have several short films planned set in the Unseen World that will be produced by Composite Studios and will feature familiar places, characters or creatures tied in with the Unseen World.

The Crown of Thorns pilot is just the beginning of an incredible journey.”



Of the casting, he added “Once I had the outline for a six part series planned out, I introduced the main antagonist of the series who would later become known as Gerald. He was quickly followed by the character of Alexander who would become a source of help for Sophie. By the end of my sixth draft I had a full assortment of characters and I was ready to start the casting process.

To help with this I again asked Matt for his support and in addition to helping me with the auditions he put me in touch with the South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network.

The casting sessions were held at the Doncaster Little Theatre with several individuals auditioning by video.




The role of Sophie was heavily contested and after short listing the individuals down to two finalists I decided that the part was to go to Francesca Louise White.

Francesca was able to capture the delicate sensitive side to Sophie's character, but also had the skills required for the more physical elements of the role.

The part of the Man in Grey was secured by Christopher Dane who was my first choice for the role as he had been the inspiration for characters appearance. The role of Jessica was awarded to Jenn Day who provided a fantastic audition and an impressive resume of films.

With my principle cast in place for the series pilot it was time to move on to the next stage.

I was able to work with them to help develop the characters further, before moving onto filming.”




Speaking about the crew, Craig Teal said “Through the South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network I was able to pull together a crew of experienced individuals, including Rob Speranza who was able to help get the crew together
Rob put me in touch with Robert Beck, a Sheffield based cinematographer who agreed to help support the project and to film the pilot and promotional material.

I also appointed Annmarie Conlon as my assistant director and with these key roles in place we came together and filmed the teaser trailer for the series.

Having committed the first part of my vision to film it was time to plan for filming the pilot and begin Sophie's journey in earnest.

Currently the Crown of Thorns pilot is due to be released in 2016 with the series premièring in the Fall of next year.”




As the budget for The Crown of Thorns was extremely tight, it was decided that the filming location would all be interior shots of existing properties rather than a custom built set.

With this in mind the majority of the filming for The Crown of Thorns took place at a house and office that were local in the area to help reduce travel costs.

The interior of Sophie’s will feature prominently in the pilot with a couple of scenes in Gerald’s office.

As we progress with the web series we will introduce more varied locations including a forest, abandoned warehouse and an antique shop.

The pilot for The Crown of Thorns uses a selection of key props , such as the Man in Greys pocket watch and cane and the titular Crown of Thorns.

These were purchased for the production with the mirror being the most complex and expensive of the items to source as it had to big enough for a person to appear in the frame.


As the project progresses we will need additional props such as swords, occult rings and pendants and leather bound books to help add an additional dimension to the world we creating.

Composite Studios are currently developing a community for the Unseen World and The Crown of Thorns with pages on Twitter and Facebook as well as attending conventions to help promote the project and any future crowdfunding.

In addition they are looking to complete the pilot by the middle of the year in time for a showing at Digi-Con 3 in July.




They are always looking for new people to join the project and help with the production, blogging or anything else you feel would help the production then please get in touch.

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