Dartmouth Films presents LOST IN VAGUENESS A New Film Telling Hidden Story Of Glastonbury’s Iconic Sideshow Opens This Week | The Fan Carpet

Dartmouth Films presents LOST IN VAGUENESS A New Film Telling Hidden Story Of Glastonbury’s Iconic Sideshow Opens This Week

14 May 2018

Debut feature by Sofia Olins, shot over 12 years from 2004

Premiere 15th May at Everyman Cinema Screen on the Green

The never-before-told story of the rise and fall of Lost Vagueness at Glastonbury Festival, and its maverick founder Roy Gurvitz

Lost in Vagueness – the debut feature from director Sofia Olins – will tell the extraordinary untold story of Glastonbury Festival’s most iconic and anarchic sideshow attraction, Lost Vagueness, and its ingenious but occasionally self-destructive creator Roy Gurvitz.

Filmed over twelve years, Lost in Vagueness traces Roy’s story in intimate detail through his emergence from a group of new age travelers who made Glastonbury a stomping ground in the eighties, to anarchic impresario, and on to a troubled creative force struggling to belong in a changing world.



A reaction to Glastonbury’s post-Thatcher malaise, Lost Vagueness started as a fancy-dress cabaret and flourished into a festival-within-a-festival: an incredible twisted pastiche of the Vegas strip encompassing variety performers from dance to burlesque to circus to freakshow to pyrotechnic scrapheap robots, as well as a casino, a wedding chapel, hot tubs and a boxing ring.

The film combines exclusive footage of Lost Vagueness at the height of its hedonistic powers with in-depth interviews with Roy, his loyal but increasingly exasperated producer Leila Jones, Glastonbury stalwarts Michael and Emily Eavis and Melvin Benn, and artists including Suggs, Kate Tempest, Keith Allan, Fatboy Slim and legendary cabaret performer Mouse.



Sofia Olins said “The story I encountered when filming what eventually became Lost in Vagueness is a near perfect representation of British festival culture in the 21st century.

Throughout filming I could see the changing festival scene and I became interested in how the anarchy and DIY culture from the 1980/90’s was becoming monetised. The irony of the sub-culture becoming mainstream was a universal thread and I was interested in sewing it into the story.”

Find Lost in Vagueness online, on Facebook and Twitter: @SofiaOlinsFilms


Date Time Venue
May 15 6:00 PM London Screen on the Green
June 7 7:00 PM Yeovil Westlands Yeovil
June 8 7:00 PM Frome 23 Bath Street
June 9 7:00 PM Gwynedd The Magic Lantern
June 11 7:00 PM Leeds Belgrave Music Hall
June 12 8:45 PM London Regent Street Cinema
June 16 7:30 PM Brighton Old Market
June 23 7:00 PM Sheffield The Leadmill

Sofia Olins - Director/Producer

Christopher Hird - Executive Producer

Jacqui Marson - Executive Producer

Jennifer Fearnley- Cinematographer

Annette Remler - Cinematographer

Nicola Daley - Cinematographer

John Mister - Editor

Gary Welsh - Music Supervisor

Kate Griffiths - Archive Producer

Candace Moses - Business Development

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