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Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment AB Launch Beta-version of the World’s First Transactional Blockchain-VOD Platform

05 October 2018

CINEZEN is the world's first fully operational VOD-platform where all transactions and rights verifications are based on blockchain and where films can be bought by end-users for crypto-currency. It is a community-driven and truly decentralised film and content Blockchain-VOD marketplace.

With this version it demonstrates to the film industry that "BVOD" is not just a concept but an already working product generating profits, so CINEZEN will be able to license much more content for it. CINEZEN’s main mission is to facilitate immediate, direct and transparent payments between viewers, content owners and influencers. Billions are now lost by content owners every year because the payouts they receive are approximate and not verifiable. CINEZEN will also allow anyone to create their own video store on the platform – a feature which will enable users to receive a share of revenues for curating, sharing and promoting CINEZEN’s content to their friends and followers. Human curation can widely expand audience views and break the bubble created by recommendation engines and social media algorithms.

The Beta version is based on Ethereum blockchain and uses Ethereum, the world's second largest cryptocurrency, as a means of payment. CINEZEN’s own token and the possibility to use regular means of payments (credit cards, PayPal, etc) will be introduced by the end of the year. CEO Sam Klebanov states “Cryptocurrency is a great vehicle for direct value transfer between a viewer and a rights holder bypassing all intermediaries. It creates a possibility for every film to become available to the audience worldwide, including territories where no local distributors bought it. There is an enormous hidden value in the world’s film heritage and blockchain can unlock it.”

CINEZEN will assist the rights holders with exchanging Ethereum/tokens to the currencies of their choice, while some of the world’s leading collection agencies have already expressed their interest in handling crypto incomes for their film industry clients.

CINEZEN already have a 100 films uploaded to the platform (availability in different territories may vary) which mainly consists of indie genre flicks. They have hundreds of films from Europe, Asia, North and South America in the pipeline and are planning to upload 20-30 titles weekly including timeless masterpieces, current festival prize-winners, commercial hits and high-profile documentaries. The works of Alfred Hitchcock, Roberto Rosselini, Luchino Visconti, Bernardo Bertolucci, Arturo Ripstein, Park Chan-wook, Otar Iosseliani and Kira Muratova are just some of the names that will be found on the platform soon. More film licensing agreements will be signed in the coming weeks. Ruben Östlund, whose films will feature on the platform, has recently joined the Cinezen Advisory Board.

This version of the platform is a Proof-Of-Concept for both the film industry and the audience as it demonstrates how the process works, helps film companies adapt to crypto economy, and introduces direct payments from viewers to rights holders. It also helps Cinezen to build a community of early adopters and to receive very valuable feedback from the first users.

Link to the Beta version

You will need to install Metamask crypto wallet as a browser (Chrome/Opera/Firefox) extension and to acquire some Ethereum via third party applications to be able to create an account and purchase films. The current rental prices including transaction fees are between $2,90-3,10.

For the initial Beta-testing period users will receive $2 cash-back for each rental in the form of CINEZEN own tokens.

Please let us know if you would like to try it. If you haven't used crypto currency before, CINEZEN’s support team will be happy to guide you and to provide you with Ethereum for testing the platform.

About Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment AB
Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment AB is a Swedish start-up founded in Gothenburg in September 2017 by seasoned film industry executive Sam Klebanov and experienced software engineer Pavel Rabetski with the goal to revolutionize the existing model of film distribution. The company secured a seed financing from a renown Austrian-Israeli venture capital fund AltaIR VC.

“We believe that blockchain technologies can unlock enormous hidden value in global film heritage, introduce much needed transparency and accountability to the process of film and content distribution, radically increase availability of content to viewers around the world and create new pathways for rights holders to reach a wider audience and monetize their libraries.”

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