CANVAS and the UK’s Primary Black-led Touring Theatre Company TALAWA Present Moving with the Gentrification of Brixton | The Fan Carpet

CANVAS and the UK’s Primary Black-led Touring Theatre Company TALAWA Present Moving with the Gentrification of Brixton

19 February 2018

I know that with time, things change.. and times change for the better.. but do they change for the better for everyone?’ Tali presents her solo work, ‘Mum. Edit. More’ - a highly personal and poignant audio-visual journey exploring the beauty of the human voice, pondering the effects of gentrification and reflecting on the nature of change.

Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus is a movement artist with over 10 years’ experience, in the commercial world (credits inc. Rihanna, FKA twigs, Jessie J & Kylie Minogue), with the UK's best and most successful companies and as an artist in her own right. Tali’s choreographic style is a fusion of all of her training and influences, namely hip-hop and contemporary. Hip-hop has given her a solid grounding and skills in groove, isolation and cleanliness; contemporary has helped increase her awareness of her body and expanded the way she hears music. With the support of Talawa Theatre Company and Artists4Artists, Tali has started to explore making work for theatre. Mum. Edit. More. is her theatrical debut.

Talawa Theatre Company is the UK’s primary Black-led touring theatre company. Their work is informed by the wealth and diversity of the Black British experience, and through that, they create outstanding work by cultivating the best in emerging and established Black artists. They invest in talent, develop audiences and inspire dialogue with and within communities across the UK and internationally. By doing so, they aim to enrich the cultural life of all.



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Canvas is an Arts Council-funded initiative bringing together arts organisations across England with a series of wide-ranging objectives - making arts content more discoverable and engaging; increasing the number of people engaging with the arts; increasing the volume and quality of creative media; and supporting the skills and digital capacity of the arts sector.



It consists of two interrelated projects; the Canvas channel and the Canvas network. The Canvas channel publishes, curates and promotes video across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with the aim of inspiring 18-35 year olds to explore the world of art. The Canvas network helps arts organisations develop their online video strategy and output through advice, support, training and collaborative projects.

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