Good Hair
18 June 2010
South Carolina-born African American comedian Chris Rock talks to us about his new docu-comedy 'Good Hair', he tells us about his inspiration for the film and how he still sees himself as a comedian and much more...
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Our Family Wedding
15 June 2010
Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker joins Emmy award winning actress America Ferrera talk about their upcoming comedy 'Our Family Wedding' all about love and marriage...
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Sex And The City 2
26 May 2010
We have an exciting and exclusive q+a with the writer, director and producer of Sex And The City 2 Michael Patrick King, he talks about working with the girls again and lots more...
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31 March 2010
Fans around the world are invited to chat with Austin-based filmmaker Robert Rodriguez about the upcoming motion picture PREDATORS on Wednesday 31st March, 2010...
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The Blind Side
22 March 2010
In the run up to the UK release of The Blind Side on 26th March, we have an exclusive Q+A with the cast and crew, and the real life people whom this Oscar winning film is about...
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