From Borstal to World War II: The Fan Carpet Chats Exclusively to Welsh Rising Star Rorie Stockton | The Fan Carpet

From Borstal to World War II: The Fan Carpet Chats Exclusively to Welsh Rising Star Rorie Stockton

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Rorie Stockton is an actor from Swansea, South Wales, born on 10th December 1993. He first got into the industry in 2011, and has since appeared as lead and principle roles in internationally distributed films.

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If we go back to the beginning, was there a defining moment for you to get into the Film Industry?

When I was around 17 I saw an advert in the local paper for open auditions for “Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection,” a feature film being shot in the area by Swansea filmmaker Andrew Jones. I auditioned and got a very small role in the film. Being on set for the first time was extremely exciting, seeing everything that goes into it, and how much work it takes just to shoot a very small scene. After this, I knew I had to be a part of this crazy industry. I later attended a 10 week introduction to film workshop in Cardiff with casting director and agent Peter Wooldridge. The basis of this course was to teach us just how subtle film acting needs to be compared to theater, and for example, how the slightest eye movement can completely change the meaning of the dialogue. This actually blew my mind and sparked my love for film acting and essentially sealed the deal for me!


You recently finished work on Steven Smith’s The Doll Master what can you tell us about the film, and where you fit into the story?

I play the role of Johnny, a bit of a treasure-hunter kind. He’s spent most of his life researching the mystery of the “living dolls,” and has become quite obsessed with it, so much so, that he’ll do anything to find the secret.

The Doll Master is a story about a poor guy named Norman who has lived his reclusive life with only his friend, Hugo the doll. Johnny’s obsession with the mystery of the dolls leads to a series of events that ends up with Hugo being stolen and taken to hidden underground tunnels where all hell breaks loose. Norman, along with Johnny, Sarah and the film crew doing a documentary on mystery of the living dolls, must fight for survival and find a way to break the curse!



You’ve worked with Steven and the team at Greenway before, Borstal recently had its Premiere, can you talk about your experiences working with them?

Borstal was my first time working on a feature film set as one of the principle roles, as most of my previous credits of lead/principle roles were in 3-5 day short films, so it was a new and exciting experience for me! The Greenway crew are fantastic! We stayed at the first location for around two weeks over October/November 2016. Living with everyone I was working with created very close-knit friendships between all of the cast/crew. It was lovely to be working in a very friendly atmosphere! So when Steven asked me to come back and work on The Doll Master the following Spring, I was very happy to do so!


Looking at your credits, you have done a lot of horror films including Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection, Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming and the aforementioned The Doll Master, is that your preferred genre, and do you have any favourite films?

It’s really just been coincidence that I’ve done a bunch of horror films! I do love horror, however my favourite genre would be sci-fi fantasy, and would love to work on a feature, perhaps in a Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, or a more futuristic Star Wars style universe. Although (embarrassingly) romantic-comedies are also up there with sci-fi fantasy films for me. In terms of my favourite films, horror-wise it would definitely be all of the SAW movies, but overall, the classic Love Actually!


Are there any other aspects of the Film Industry that you would like to pursue?

I would really love to be a regular on a TV series. I actually much prefer TV shows to movies, just because so much more of a story can be told, and a lot of the time, there’s much more depth to characters. In TV shows, such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory, I actually get emotionally invested in my favourite characters, which has never really happened in films. If someone dies in a film, I just shrug it off, but if someone dies in The Walking Dead, my week is ruined! Just to be able to grow with a character over time, and get to know it just as well, if not better than I do myself, would be fantastic for me. Plus the added bonus of building up a close family-like relationship with other regular cast/crew would be amazing.



You have an eclectic range of credits, are there any genres that you haven’t done yet that you’d like to?

As mentioned before, I would love to do some sci-fi fantasy work, and really immerse myself in a completely different universe. I have recently filmed some quite emotional roles, for example a short WWI film in which I played the lead in short in Italy, so I would quite like to go for something more uplifting like a rom-com or comedy!


You’ve worked with a great crop of talent, including friends of The Fan Carpet Steven Smith and Tiffiany Ellen Robinson do you have a wish list of who you’d like to work with?

I am actually happy to work with whoever! If I end up working with cast/crew I am inspired by, or I have heard good things about, then great, but everyone brings something unique to the project and I can learn so much, and perhaps just as much from cast/crew that may be unknown to me!


Who inspires you within the industry?

Leonardo Dicaprio – such an incredible actor that can play any role! Also, every time I watch Andrew Lincoln & Steven Yeun on The Walking Dead, they blow my mind. The way they can make me feel what they are feeling, especially during very dramatic or emotional points, is exactly what I wish to be able to do for people watching my performances.


What else are you working on?

I’ve just returned from the beautiful Italian mountains surrounding Lake Garda after filming a WWI short drama as the lead role for close to two weeks, which was an incredible experience! I have a couple of feature films in the pipeline for next year, and potentially a voice over in the coming months, but can’t say too much about them yet!


Fandoms are a big part of the industry, who or what are you a fan of?

Most of them!! I absolutely love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones! I’m also into Doctor Who, especially the original episodes!


Is there a book that you are a fan of that hasn’t been adapted to film yet that you’d love to be a part of?

Even though it’s already been made, I’m still holding out for Game of Thrones, or one of the prequels they have plans to make *fingers crossed*! But even though I’m a bit old for the role now, at the time I would have loved to have played Alex Rider in that series of novels by Anthony Horowitz. Only one of those films were unfortunately made!


And what advice do you have for someone embarking on a career in the Film Industry?

Work on it every day, network, and support each other. You’ll also get lots of knockbacks, which is difficult at first, but keep pushing on. It’s also good to record some of your own stuff – get together with some likeminded people and film it, get a feel for being in front of a camera and try different things!

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