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Saturday, July 07, 2018
Eva Green Brasil
Site Opened: January, 1970
Image Gallery Count: 28780
Known For: The Dreamers (2003)
Up Next: Dumbo (2019)
Last Known Dating: Tim Burton
Quote: "For me, acting is like a therapy. I can express myself fully when I am acting and have blood in my veins. Even when I'm not working, I'm always living in my own world, imagining characters."
Fun Fact: Prefers that people tell her she's a good actress rather than she is beautiful.
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Friday, July 06, 2018
I Heart Evangeline • The #1 Evangeline Lilly Fansite
Site Opened: August, 2011
Image Gallery Count: 38073
Known For: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)
Up Next: Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)
Last Known Dating: Norman Kali
Quote: "I love being outside - that's where I'm the happiest."
Fun Fact: Spokenmodel of L'Oreal Paris since 2009.
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Thursday, July 05, 2018
Scarlett Johansson Fan • Your Top Scarlett Site on the Web
Site Opened: August, 2001
Image Gallery Count: 120014
Known For: Under the Skin (2013)
Up Next: Avengers 4 (2019)
Last Known Dating: Colin Jost
Quote: "As long as people keep buying tabloids, they will keep harassing people in the public eye. They will make up stories."
Fun Fact: Twice chosen as the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine.
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Wednesday, July 04, 2018
Anya Taylor-Joy @ Anya Taylor-Joy Online
Site Opened: October, 2015
Image Gallery Count: 7007
Known For: Split (2016)
Up Next: Glass (2019)
Last Known Dating: Eoin Macken
Quote: "It sounds like such a cliché, but I'm so incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love."
Fun Fact: Anya's outstanding performance in The Witch (2015), and the positive reviews it got at the Sundance festival revealed her incredible potential to the world.
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Tuesday, July 03, 2018
Ashley Tisdale @ Ashley Tisdale Portugal
Site Opened: June, 2008
Image Gallery Count: 213297
Known For: High School Musical (2006)
Up Next: Milo Murphy's Law (TV Series 2016 - 2018)
Last Known Dating: Christopher French
Quote: "I love Christmas, not just because of the presents but because of all the decorations and lights and the warmth of the season."
Fun Fact: Her favourite movies are Just Married (2003), My Best Friend's Wedding (1997), and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003).
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Monday, July 02, 2018
Alison Brie Source
Site Opened: February, 2011
Image Gallery Count: 48850
Known For: Sleeping with Other People (2015)
Up Next: The Lego Movie 2 (2019)
Last Known Dating: Dave Franco
Quote: "I always wanted to play a mental patient. I was fascinated with playing crazy people in college, and I don't know if I ever quite perfected it."
Fun Fact: Her name originates from Norman French diminutive of the Old French name Aalis.
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Sunday, July 01, 2018
Lizzy Caplan @ Lizzy Caplan Web
Site Opened: January, 2012
Image Gallery Count: 40874
Known For: Mean Girls (2004)
Up Next: Extinction (2018)
Last Known Dating: Tom Riley
Quote: "Everybody hangs out with everybody, which is very strange for a cast this large and this young. We're all cool and down to earth and not caught up in this maniacal business at all... . Everybody really, really likes everybody else."
Fun Fact: Loves the show Saved by the Bell (1989).
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