Date of Birth : Jan 1st 1970

Hailing from Suffolk, England, Ralph Fiennes (pronounced Rafe Fines, by the way) developed his stagecraft with England’s National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company. His impressive work led to a role in the British TV series Prime Suspect which, in turn, put him in demand for film work. His first two film roles in Wuthering Heights (1992) (as Heathcliff) and The Baby of Macon were pretty much overlooked.

But there was no tearing your eyes away from Fiennes in his next film. Steven Spielberg’s harrowing Holocaust epic, Schindler’s List (1993), cast Fiennes as sadistic concentration camp commandant Amon Goeth. His portrayal of evil personified was so convincing that when Spielberg introduced the fully costumed actor to a genuine Holocaust survivor, she was stricken with terror. The film won an Oscar for Best picture and garnered Fiennes a Supporting Actor nomination, as well as a BAFTA Film Award.




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