Date of Birth : Nov 15th 1966

American film and television actress. In 1991, True had an appearance on The Cosby Show, beginning a string of TV jobs, including turns on Beverly Hills 90210, The Drew Carey Show, Once and Again, and HBO’s Dream On. By 1993, she had moved to Los Angeles and appeared opposite Chris Rock in his movie CB4. After CB4, she was cast alongside Alyssa Milano for the movie Embrace of the Vampire. True’s next movie was The Craft, where she played a member of a teenage coven along with Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell and Fairuza Balk. True and Campbell became best friends during the filming, a friendship they maintain.[citation needed]

True played the girlfriend of a pothead who hid his habit from her in Half Baked. True has also appeared in Nowhere, Groove, and New Best Friend. From 2002-06, True teamed up with Essence Atkins to star in the UPN comedy, Half & Half. She played Mona Thorne, an insecure, twenty-something music industry executive in San Francisco who worked on strengthening her self-esteem and her relationship with the half sister, played by Atkins, who was also her neighbor.

True has been known for playing characters with a dark side, such as the one she played in Embrace of the Vampire, the witch in The Craft, and Julianne in New Best Friend. She is now more associated with her comedic talents, shown in her work on Half & Half.

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