Date of Birth : Dec 29th 1959

Patricia Davies Clarkson (born December 29, 1959) is an American Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning actress.

Patricia Clarkson had supporting roles in a series of high-profile films in her early career, including The Dead Pool, Rocket Gibraltar and Everybody’s All-American. She starred in the short-run television series Davis Rules, and in the miniseries Alex Haley’s Queen. Other television appearances have included the role of “Aunt Sarah” in Six Feet Under, for which she won two Emmy Awards.

More often a character actor than a leading woman, Clarkson’s other appearances in major films have included The Green Mile, Far from Heaven and Good Night and Good Luck. In 2003, she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Pieces of April, in which she plays an acerbic mother dying of cancer. She gained more critical acclaim in 2003 for her work in The Station Agent. In 2006, She portrayed Sadie Burke, in All the Kings Men, set in her native New Orleans. Recently, she had a small role in Elegy (2008). Clarkson plays the woman who thinks she’s Ben Kingsley’s girlfriend and then finds out more. Clarkson gained strong acclaim for her strong work. Elegy is based on Philip Roth’s novel.

Clarkson returned to New Orleans for 2009 January 17 reopening of the Mahalia Jackson Theatre for the Performing Arts. She served as master of ceremonies for a gala celebration featuring Placido Domingo in concert with the New Orleans Opera directed by Robert Lyall.




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