Date of Birth : Feb 13th 1966

A square-jawed blonde with steely blue eyes, actor Neal McDonough had essayed every role from psychopath to dunce before roles in HBO’s Band of Brothers and Minority Report (2002) found him gaining a reputation as the man to cast if a script called for a dependable, all-American tough guy. Though his screen presence has been growing steadily in the first years of the new millennium, it wasn’t long ago that McDonough was considering abandoning his career as an actor. A native of Dorchester, MA, easygoing McDonough attended Barnstable High School before graduating from Syracuse University and later training as an actor at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts and Sciences. Taking to the stage following his graduation, it wasn’t long before McDonough was appearing in such productions as Waiting for Lefty and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and in 1991 he took home a Best Actor Dramalogue Award for his role in Away Alone.

Neal McDonough can currently be seen in “Desperate Housewives”.




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