Date of Birth : Aug 8th 1981

Born in Panorama City, California. Good stated in an interview with the magazine, Sister2Sister, that they were one of the first black families in that area of California. She recalls being treated differently at school especially by one teacher who was a racist; this meant she had a hard time fitting in. Good did not pick up on these issues until she became older and thinks that her grades at the time may have suffered because of them. Good describes herself as a spiritual person and says that it was her mother who helped inspire her spirituality.

Due to her career as a child actress, she was home-schooled after a period of time in a private school.

In 1998, Meagan Good was nominated for Image Award for Outstanding Youth Actor/Actress and nominated for Young Star Award for Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Drama Film for her role on Eve’s Bayou.

In 2005, Meagan was nominated for Black Movie Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for her role on D.E.B.S., that year she won the Independent Black Film Festival Award for Best Actress for her role on Miles from Home.

In 2006, Meagan Good was nominated for Teen Choice Award for Best Female Breakout for her role on Waist Deep.

In 2007, Megan Good was nominated for Teen Choice Award for Choice Actress: Drama for Stomp the Yard.




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