Date of Birth : Oct 15th 1953

Lawrence J. Miller is a controversial American stand-up comedian, actor and columnist who frequently portrays babbling, obsequious yes-men, slightly odd friends, wisecracking p…( read more)rofessionals and other second-banana characters to headlining comedians in movies and television shows. In movies, Larry is most memorable for his role in Pretty Woman as Mr. Hollister where he provided some of the most memorable jokes of the movie.

He is the best friend of fellow comedian Jerry Seinfeld and auditioned for the role of George Costanza but ultimately lost out to Jason Alexander. He is well known for his cameo appearances, including a memorable role as a vindictive doorman on Seinfeld, as well as several of Christopher Guest’s mockumentary movies. He has also appeared in the 1992 British comedy film Carry On Columbus.

His most notable and popular role is as Dean Richmond with comedian Eddie Murphy in the box office smashes The Nutty Professor and Nutty Professor II: The Klumps. The Dean (Miller) is the only antagonist in the movie other than Sherman Klump’s (Murphy) alter ego: Buddy Love. Dean Richmond is an extremely intimidating, mean-spirit bully of sorts who makes Klump’s experiments very stressful. He threatens to take Professor Klump’s funding away and even goes so far as to threaten his job, throughout the movie. Richmond is clearly prejudiced against Klump because of his obesity, which is more than implied by the fat jokes he cracks at Klump’s expense.





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