Date of Birth : May 21st 1957

American actor, perhaps best known for co-starring in movies such as Beverly Hills Cop, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and The Santa Clause.

Judge Reinhold has appeared in more than 75 films. His first appearance on screen was in a music video for the Pat Benatar song “Shadows of the Night,” in which he played an unnamed co-pilot. Reinhold’s first major film role was as high school senior Brad Hamilton in Fast Times at Ridgemont High along with then-unknown actors Sean Penn, Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Nicolas Cage. He later played Detective Billy Rosewood, the junior police detective sent to trail Eddie Murphy, in Beverly Hills Cop (1984). He has reprised this role in the two sequels and in 1986, he starred in Ruthless People.

He appeared in two widely released films, Beverly Hills Cop III and The Santa Clause, in 1994. He has reprised the role of Dr. Neil Miller for the Santa Clause sequels as well. Reinhold appeared as himself on two episodes of the third season of Arrested Development, headlining a fictional court TV show called Mock Trial with J. Reinhold.

Reinhold was nominated for an Emmy for his very memorable role on Seinfeld in which he played the infamous “close talker” who developed an obsession with Jerry’s parents. He has also been seen in Steven Spielberg’s epic miniseries, Into the West.

Reinhold recently featured in the political satire Swing Vote which opened in 2008.

Reinhold’s first name has been the subject of comedy in both Clerks: The Animated Series and Arrested Development, both times with him playing a judge in a court of law.




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