Date of Birth : Jun 20th 1952

Goodman was raised by his mother, Virginia. He has one brother, Leslie, and one baby sister, Betty. Goodman respected his mother for she raised the kids on her own. Virginia worked hard trying to …( read more)provide for her family. Goodman became apart of the football team at Affton High School in St. Louis. In 1970, Goodman graduated from High School then went on to college. He graduated from Southwest Missouri State, with a drama degree in 1975. After college Goodman travel to New York City with one thousand dollars that Leslie had saved up for him. Goodman was looking to fufill an acting career. One of the jobs he held down as a struggling actor was a waiter at Hell’s Kitchen. He, also, worked in plays.

He got a break acting in commercials for local car dealers and such. His first national commercial was for ‘Chunky Soup’ for Campbell’s. He was a host on “Saturday Night Live” (1975) hosting the show 11 times and making numerous surprise appearences. Goodman scored a role in “Roseanne” where he play Dan Conner, the loveable husband of Roseanne. In “The Flintstones” (1994) Goodman acted as lead character, Fred. Goodman was apart of many off-broadway plays in the earley day, in a bunch of commercial, and had some roles in more movies.




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