Date of Birth : Aug 3rd 1959

American actor, most notable for his roles as Perry Cox in Scrubs, Bob Slidell in Office Space, and Sergeant Red O’Neill in Oliver Stone’s Platoon.

McGinley (also known as Johnny “The Butcher” C. and sometimes credited as John McGinley), has had a prolific career, primarily as a supporting character actor. He was noticed by a casting scout while working as John Turturro’s understudy in John Patrick Shanley’s 1984 production of Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, which led to an audition for the role of Sergeant Red O’Neill in the Oscar-winning Platoon, although his first movie role was Alan Alda’s Sweet Liberty (1986). That was followed the next year with Wall Street (1987), and again the next with Talk Radio (1988). He also was featured in a 1980s Subaru commercial. He appeared in the “Celebrity Challenge” version of American Gladiators, losing to Dean Cain. McGinley wrote the script for 1990s Suffering Bastards, in which he also co-starred.

He worked continually throughout the 1990s, appearing in films such as Point Break (1991), Article 99 (1992), Wagons East! (1994), Se7en (1995), The Rock (1996), Nothing to Lose (1997) and Office Space (1999) (McGinley improvised several takes about his character’s fondness for Michael Bolton). In 2007, he had a role as Chuck in the film Are We Done Yet? He has also had a small role as a gay highway patrolman in the Touchstone Pictures film Wild Hogs.




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