Date of Birth : Sep 14th 1989

Jesse James was born in Palm Springs, California to Shane and Jaime. He started acting when his father was getting head-shots of himself taken. Shane asked the photographer, who was also a manager, to take photos of Jesse. The photographer complied and was amazed by the vibrant personality of the boy, and asked to be his manager. Shortly after, the 5-year old, skinny, blonde Jesse received the role of “Spencer”, in As Good As it Gets, despite the role calling for an “overweight red-headed 12 year old”. For this role, he was given the Hollywood Reporter Young Star Award, for Best Performance by a Child Actor in a Comedy, in 1998. Jesse has been acting ever since, and recently achieved critical acclaim for his portrayal of Tommy Miller in the Butterfly effect, a disturbed teenager with violent tendencies. He continues to act, and plans on making a largely successful career out of it.




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