Date of Birth : Nov 5th 1937

American actor who has appeared in dozens of Hollywood and television films. Yulin first emerged in the Brian De Palma film Scarface (1983) as Mel Bernstein, a crooked “cop”. Since then, he has appeared in many popular films, including Ghostbusters II, Final Analysis, and Clear and Present Danger. His more recent projects include Rush Hour 2 and Training Day.

He appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in the acclaimed episode “Duet”. During the second season of 24 he played the Director of the National Security Agency Roger Stanton. He was nominated for a 1996 Emmy for his portrayal of crime boss Jerome Belasco in the television series Frasier. In the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer he played Quentin Travers, head of the Watchers’ Council. Yulin also appeared in Season 3 of Entourage in the episode “Return of the King” as studio head Arthur Gadoff.

Yulin was born in Los Angeles, California. He was married to Gwen Welles – who appeared in the movie, Nashville – until her death in 1993.




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