Date of Birth : Jul 5th 1980

The daughter of actress Marlene Jobert, Green performed in theatre before making her film debut in The Dreamers (2003), which generated controversy over her numerous nude scenes. She achieved greater fame for her parts in Kingdom of Heaven (2005), and in the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale, for which she won a BAFTA. She has also modelled for numerous brands.

Director Bernardo Bertolucci discovered Green in 2002, and found her “so beautiful, it’s indecent”. She accepted his invitation to star in The Dreamers (2003), despite her parents’ initial objections because of Maria Schneider’s traumatisation after filming Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris. Green performed extensive nude scenes, which felt natural once on set, though she was embarrassed when her family saw the film. In addition to performing, Green was also credited with writing the score. Her performance was well received, with some comparing her to Liv Tyler. Green expressed surprise when American censors cut a minute from the film, as “there is so much violence, both on the streets and on the screen. They think nothing of it. Yet I think they are frightened by sex.” Green followed up The Dreamers with Arsene Lupin (2004), in the light-hearted part of a love interest which she had fun playing, though she generally preferred more complex parts.

It was her performance in The Dreamers that convinced Ridley Scott to cast Green in Kingdom of Heaven (2005), a film about the Crusades where she played Sibylla of Jerusalem. Green performed six screen tests, and was hired with only a week before principal photography began. Green found the atmosphere of coming onto a film so late tense and exciting, and also liked the film’s ambiguity in approaching its subject matter. To her disappointment, much of her screentime was cut. Stephanie Zacharek of praised her performance as “She doesn’t quite know what to do with her character’s stilted dialogue, but she carries herself so regally that you barely notice”, but Nev Pierce of the BBC called her character “limp”. Green was satisfied when her character’s complex subplot was restored in the director’s cut. Total Film noted the new scenes completed her performance: “In the theatrical cut, Princess Sibylla sleeps with Balian and then, more or less, loses her mind. Now we understand why. Not only does Sibylla have a young son, but when she realises he’s inflicted with leprosy just like her brother Baldwin, she decides to take his life shortly after he’s been crowned king.”




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