Date of Birth : Apr 20th 1964

Glover appeared in several sitcoms as a teenager, including Happy Days and Family Ties. His first film role was in 1983’s My Tutor. That led to roles in Teachers (1984) and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984). He then worked with quirky director Trent Harris on the third chapter of the Beaver Trilogy, entitled The Orkly Kid. In this short film, he portrayed a small town man who organizes a local talent show to showcase his obsession with Olivia Newton-John, much to the embarrassment of the local community. At the climax of the film, Glover does his rendition, in full drag (clothing), of Olivia Newton-John’s “Please Don’t Keep Me Waiting” from her 1979 album Totally Hot. This would not be the last time Harris and Glover worked together.

On July 28, 1987, Glover appeared on Late Night with David Letterman to promote his new movie River’s Edge and his album. Dressed as his character from the film Rubin and Ed, he wore a long wig and platform shoes. His bizarre appearance was exceeded only by his strange behavior. After a failed attempt to challenge Letterman to an arm-wrestling match, Glover delivered an impromptu karate kick just inches from Letterman’s face while shouting, “I’m strong… I can kick!”. A noticeably irked Dave abruptly ended the segment and cut to commercial. Glover has later commented, on The Adam Carolla Show and Tom Green Live among others, that he neither denies nor admits any of the rumors surrounding the incident.

He has continued to play exceedingly eccentric types, e.g. the title characters in Bartleby (2001) and Willard (2003). He has received some considerable mainstream attention recently as the “Creepy Thin Man” in the Charlie’s Angels films. The character had initially been cast as a speaking role, but Glover, not liking the lines as written, managed to convince the producers to eliminate the lines as to create a darker image for the character.




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