Date of Birth : Aug 12th 1975

American actor and the younger brother of actor Ben Affleck.

Affleck’s first movie role was in Gus Van Sant’s 1995 dark comedy film To Die For, alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Nicole Kidman as a troubled teenager. After starring the following year in the box office flop Race the Sun (co-starring Halle Berry), he appeared in two films featuring older brother Ben Affleck: Chasing Amy and Good Will Hunting. The movie was a major hit and jump-started the careers of Matt Damon and the Affleck brothers. Ben Affleck and Damon went on to win the Academy Award for Best Screenplay. Affleck then starred in the underground movie Desert Blue, a film which met with limited success, but also featured rising star Kate Hudson. He took time off from acting before playing another role.

However, Affleck followed them up with a re-make of the Rat Pack movie Ocean’s Eleven, directed by Steven Soderbergh. The 2001 release had a star-studded cast, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia, and Julia Roberts. Affleck played Virgil Malloy, one of the pair of brothers hired to drive the getaway vehicle. Affleck would return to this character in Ocean’s Twelve in 2004, and Ocean’s Thirteen, released in June 2007, where he has several scenes which take place in Mexico and in which he has extended dialog in Spanish. Affleck lived in Mexico as a child and speaks Spanish fluently.

After establishing his movie career, Casey turned screenwriting and teamed up with Matt Damon to write the 2002 film Gerry about two friends who get lost while hiking in the desert, directed by Van Sant. More recently, Casey starred in the film The Last Kiss as a friend of Zach Braff’s character. He also made a cameo in the Joaquin Phoenix-directed video “Tired of Being Sorry” for Balthazar Getty’s band Ringside.

Affleck married Summer Phoenix, fellow actress and girlfriend of six years, on June 3, 2006. The couple were introduced by her brother, Joaquin Phoenix, Affleck’s close friend. The couple have a son, Indiana August, who was born on May 31, 2004 in Amsterdam. They welcomed their second son Atticus Affleck in November 2007.



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