Date of Birth : Nov 15th 1951

Born in Columbus, Ohio, the daughter of musicians Gene (bass player) and Priscilla (née Smith) D’Angelo (violinist), her maternal grandfather, Howard Dwight Smith, was the architect who designed the Ohio (“Horseshoe”) Stadium at Ohio State University. Part Italian, she once attended an American school in Florence, Italy.

Initially drawn to art, Beverly worked as a animator/cartoonist at Hanna-Barbera Productions before moving to Canada to pursue a rock singing career, To make ends meet she worked as a session vocalist and sang anyplace she could — from coffeehouses to topless bars. At one point she was invited to join up with rockabilly legend Ronnie Hawkins. Beverly’s acting career began with a production of “The Zinger” in Huntington, New York.

These days Beverly’s career on camera has remained secondary to the raising of her children. Occasionally she makes use of her vocal talents and performs at L.A. nightclubs and in a jazz band. Still seen from time to time as a brash professional or somebody’s colorful mom, Still, Beverly’s time on screen, whether major or minor these days, is always welcomed and never, ever less than…interesting.




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