Date of Birth : Jan 27th 1965

Cumming has spread his career evenly between film, television, and stage. He has also regularly worked both on and off-camera, as well as developing his own personal projects.

Cumming has often been utilised as a character actor; he was the hedonistic Lord Rochester in Plunkett and Macleane and the misguided scientist Fegan Floop in Spy Kids and its sequels. A versatile actor, in 1991, he played the comedic lead in the BBC film, Bernard and the Genie opposite Lenny Henry, and in 1993 appeared as a villain in the The Airzone Solution. The following year, he starred as airline steward Sebastian Flight in the Scottish sitcom, The High Life, which he wrote with co-star Forbes Masson, and for which he also wrote the theme tune and much of the music. His friendship with Masson went back to their days at drama school together, and in their first term, Cumming had co-written and performed in Victor and Barry with him, a comedy act revolving around two members of a Glasgow amateur theatre group.

Developing his talents off-camera as well, Cumming co-wrote, co-directed, co-produced, and co-starred in the ensemble film The Anniversary Party with friend and former Cabaret co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh, in 2001. The two starred in the movie as a Hollywood couple. During his career, Cumming has also directed two short films, Butter and Burn Your Phone – the latter was firstly a one-off drama on BBC Radio 4, however the nature of the narrative meant that it translated poorly to television.




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