Oscar winner Charlize Theron was nervous at Snow White and the Huntsman World Premiere

May 14 2012

First-time filmmaker Rupert Sanders was in a jubilant mood on the red carpet for Snow White and the Huntsman tonight, as he discussed with The Fan Carpet his delight at being back home in England for the premiere of his debut production.

Out on May 30, London's Leicester Square - disguised as the dark forest for one night - was the home for the world première - drawing in a huge crowd of fans, and Sanders was thrilled and touched by the positive support.

"It's quite crazy but you don't really think about this when you're starting you just try to make a film and it's been quite an odyssey," he said.

"It's been very quick we wrapped in Christmas and here we are four months later premièring the film so I haven't really haven't had the time to think about it to be honest, its been an explosive start to finish."

Having been shot in Britain, across locations such as Wales and the Lake District, Sanders told us of his delight at filming in his home nation.

"We all had a really great time here, the crew's here are phenomenally good and we've got that great spirit in England, you know, when you're out there and it's raining and everything is going wrong, everyone still has a good atmosphere and a good attitude and they will get it done, so it's great to back here and wonderful to be back here tonight."

Alongside Sanders tonight was his wife and model Liberty Ross, who also has a starring role in the film as Snow White's mother Queen Eleanor, and she confessed to always having a burning desire to appear in a cinematic adaptation of the much loved fairy tale.

"Everybody has always called me Snow White my whole life so it was amazing that it happened to be Rupert's first film, and I played her mum, so it's kinda mad how life goes. I hope I'm lucky enough to work with him in the future, but I don't mind if not."

Working alongside your other half is surely no easy task, but Ross claims to have enjoyed her experience.

"We were both very respectful of each other, so it was a happy balance. It was really special actually."

Oscar winner Charlize Theron was also in attendance at the premiere last night, following her role as the evil Queen in the upcoming film, and despite having been to countless premieres across her career, she admitted to still feeling just as nervous now as she ever has done.

"Being on the red carpet is still the same excitement and anxiety, the nerves and none of that really ever goes away because there is a lot of attention but it's so moving that everybody came out here to support us and the film and stood in the rain and that always, always amazes me."

Working closely alongside Theron is Christopher Obi - supplying the voice of the magical mirror of which the evil Queen speaks to, and Obi admits to his elation at working with the highly respected actress.

"It was intimidating working alongside Charlize but by the time I got on set it was just about working and trying to feed off her," he said.

"She is so generous as an actor, and she's honest. She gave me so much. Off-set she was just very lovely and approachable, and it's dream really isn't it? She's an Oscar winner and I believe her to be one of the best actresses around and to have that with her, you know, I've lived."

Lastly Obi  - who despite his critical role within the film was barely recognised at last night's event - had some kind words to say of his friend and director Sanders, of whom he hopes to be working with once more in the future.

"I love Rupert, he's a mate of mine and he really fought for this film and he fought for me to be on it.

It's been a wonderful, wonderful experience. Hopefully we're doing something in LA soon, and this time hopefully my face will be in it!"

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